In-Voice: Cyprus

The MoESY CY is responsible for the administration of public (state) schools as well as the supervision of private schools in pre-primary, primary and secondary education. Moreover, it is responsible for the educational institutions in Post-Secondary Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education and Adult Education. It prepares the educational budget, drafts new laws regarding education and sees to the implementation of existing ones.

The mission of the MoESY CY is to continuously improve education, to ensure equal education opportunities for all learners through an education policy informed by the principles of equality, participation, creativity and innovation and designed to achieve lifelong balanced and rounded development, supporting cultural creativity and sport and empowering young people. In this context, the basic goal of the Ministry is to increase access to quality education and provide opportunities for all learners to become successful in their learning, through modernising teaching methods and approaches, designing and implementing modern developmental programmes and creating the infrastructure that can facilitate high quality education that is efficient and inclusive. In addition, the MoESY is responsible for the continuing professional development of teachers and school principals and for the inspection of schools.