In-Voice Training Event in Cyprus

We are delighted to welcome twenty-five trainees to our Training Event that will take place in Cyprus on February 6-10 2023. 

These twenty-five music teachers and/or choral leaders/conductors come from all PO and will receive thirty┬á hours of intensive training in a series of hands-on workshops covering the Themes of the Project, namely,┬áInclusion (Power and Privilege, Unconscious Bias,┬áDiversity of Sexual and Gender Identities, Forum Theater), Empowering the Choral Teacher’s Resilience,┬áCreative Dance and Body Awareness for Choir Conductors, Music Technology, Music Expression, The Dalcroze Approach in Choir Music, Creating Music Stories – Songs and Choireography, Creativity, Different Voice, Improvisation, Music Technology for Choral Leaders.

At the same time, we are honoured that the workshops are led by distinguished and experienced professionals: Stalo Lesta, Constantinos Papageorgiou, Antigoni Karagianni and Katherine Xenophontos – Cyprus, John O’Flynn and Patricia Flynn – Ireland,┬áLaura J─ôkabsone, Zane Stafecka and Una Stade – Latvia, Ruta Girdzijauskiene – Lithuania, Sandra Jankuviene – Lithuania, Carlos Batalha and Lina Santos – Portugal, Basilio Astulez,┬áMaite┬áBilbao Bartolom├ę┬áand Diana┬áCamp├│o┬á– Spain. This is going to be a magnificent learning experience for all of us!

We are extremely pleased as all the training will take place in amazing venues and we are grateful to all Venue Managers and Staff that have made our Event possible with their generosity and gratis provision of their premises. The Event Venues, two in Nicosia and one in Ayia Napa, are: 

╬Ąhe A.G. Leventis Gallery┬áA. G. Leventis Gallery | Home┬á,┬á

╬Ąhe Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation┬á, and┬á

Thalassa Municipal Museum

In addition, we are extremely thrilled and grateful to our Latvian Partners, as they have made possible with their positivity and generosity to host for the first time in Cyprus, at the same time being an important part of our Training Week and Project in General, The Latvian Voices in Concert! at The Shoe Factory in Nicosia. The concert venue is made available, because of Mr. Garo Keheyan, Founder and President of The Pharos Arts Foundation (

Our Training Event promises to be full of exciting, colourful, multi-faceted, memorable learning and reflective experiences, that will empower the participants’ abilities and will carry the project goals forward.┬á

Keep checking this space and our website in general for insights and photos of this fantastic event!